Our services in Vitoria-Gasteiz


Veterinary clinic services

  • Preventive medicine: vaccinations, deworming, microchip...
  • GP: consultation of different veterinary specialties, such as dermatology, digestive, gynecology, cardiology...

  •  Surgery:

    - We have an operating room equipped with the most advanced equipment both in anesthesia and monitoring of the patient.
    - Specialists in laparoscopic surgery: they cause less injury to the body, they are safer and patients recover faster (+info).
Ariznabarra Veterinary Clinic
  • Rigid and flexible endoscopy: it let us diagnose and treat the patient without surgery (+info).

  • Diagnostic imaging:​
           - Digital X-Ray.
           - Ultrasound.​​​​​​​​​
Ariznabarra Veterinary Clinic
  • Medical test:
          - On site laboratory: we provide fast lab results.
          - Hematology and blood chemistry.
          - Urinalysis.
          - Stool Analysis.
  • Oncology Unit: healthcare and full assistance to cancer patients (+info)
  • We apply Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF®) therapies in our patients. It is currently used in many scopes of medicine, such us traumatology or ophtalmology.
  • Ultrasonic dental cleaning.
  • Home visits.
  • Passports, certificates, reports...
  • Emergency service.


  • Sales of feed, hygiene products, accesories…